The Qéros prophecy..

Nach knapp 200.000 Zuschauern im Deutschsprachigen Raum gibts ab heute auch die englische Version.
In tiefer Freude und Dankbarkeit!
The return of the female power
In August 2019 my wife Martina and myself received an invitation from the Q´ero tribe in Peru to make a film about their culture. In march 2020 we were able to do the trip to Peru. What was planned as a 15 min video developed into a mindblowing experience for us and the Q´eros. During the filming an ancient prophecy about the return of the old power of South America was revealed to the Q´ero tribe. The prophecy about the return of their old strength – initiated by a female leader from the other side of the world.
About 10 years ago I quit my old job as a TV Producer/director. Since then I am living in a small mountain hut deep in the Austrian Alps working as a helper/sound therapist/shaman. This film is my first work since I left the TV business. It is a zero budget project and my gift to the Q´eros. We would be very happy if it is shared extensively for I am sure that this message is of utter importance for our entire planet.
“MarienQuell, November 2020

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