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„songs from home“ is not the result of any plan.

Whatsoever - like most of the important things in my life. The older I get the more I like the attitude of “receiving” rather than “planning”. For more than 20 years I worked as a tv journalist and travelled the world. But to work as a travelling north european shaman? Never! I was totally unprepared when the Hathors appeared to me in late summer of 2012. They offered me the possibility to call their energy and spread it amongst groups of people.



  Download:   CD:   …#                                   Actually the story began 12 years earlier with the sun/moon symbol that was given to me during a meditation and is now printed on this cd. But that´s another story. Only months later specific sound patterns came through me during a workshop. These “songs” left me and the participants speechless.   I was surprised, cause I never sang in my entire life. Up to that moment.  Only months later the spirit world asked me to sing a tree. The nordic Yggdrasil. Sound to me is healing though vibration and intention. While I was recording “songs from home” I was deeply touched, cause once more I was able to feel the gentleness of these wonderful energy forms. For me we as humans are mediators between heaven and earth. For this we received a wonderful tool: The compassion of our hearts. If I have one wish than it would be that “songs from home” may remind the people of how it was before the separation of light and darkness. A life without feeling like a victim, but a free, proud and self empowered human being.  Knowing about the light and shadow aspects that we all carry within ourselves. You can listen to this cd all together or each track separately. Put your earphones on and see what happens.

Welcome to your reality!

Welcome home!

Home is here!

Track 1 „Hathor compassion“

First I wanted to call this track „Hathor compassion with mankind“ but the Hathors told me that their compassion is not restricted to humans only. So I changed the title. The effect of the Hathor energy towards people varies quite a lot. It ranges from a deep relaxation to amazing visions and shamanic journeys.  Make yourself comfortable and see what happens, what topic might come up or where your journey might take you.  Allow yourself to fly! 25:31 min  

Track 2 “Yggdrasil”

In 2013 while holding a workshop about shamanism  the spirit world suddenly gave me the opportunity  to “sing a tree” – The Yggdrasil. The nordic tree of life who embraces the whole universe – as the old folks used to say – is still a source of unknown wisdom and power. After the first track hathor compassion”  the Yggdrasil will bring you in that necessary state of mind to become  aware of your own unlimited power . 13:04 min

Track 3 “heart song – Amelies Lied”

Whenever people asked me how to open their hearts during a meditation I always say:  “think of your children.“ There is hardly any purer form of love as the love of a mother or a father towards their children. For this I named this song after my daughter Amelie Luna, who always surprises me with her strength, wisdom and compassion.  Bring your awareness into your heart and let things happen. I do wish love in abundance for all of you! 6:01 min Special thanks  to my companion Karin, who is my most important teacher and critic, my father, who always gave me a home and my sister Sabine, who helped me to organize my personal “chaotic knots” way too many times. My warmest thanks also go to Tom Kenyon, who encouraged me through his work and personal words that these sounds that come through me are authentic. Dedicated to my beloved daughter Amelie Luna…
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NEW CD “songs of unity”

“Songs of unity“ describes the path of mankind out of the darkness and conflicts into a new era of creation. It begins with the call of peace from the Divine Father to all of his armies, demons and angels of all times and reaches its final state in the consciousness of the newborn white dragon, a new, absolutely free femininity. Let us dare to take the last steps of this grand plan of action – independently, genuinely and freely, without asking anyone for permission. CD Order! Track 1 : Songs of unity ( Gesänge der Einheit): 52.32 min